Pawnshops in Davao area are popular to the locals when it comes to providing an immediate financial assistance.

With Davao Ros-Ver/ New Pag-Asa becoming the #1 pawnshop, there were huge number of people coming from samal who beceme it’s regular pawners. Crossing from island to island was not a hindrance to serve the 104,123 people of one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. 

Today, March 15, 2019, Davao Ros-Ver/ New Pag-Asa is opening it’s 75th branch. It will be located at Barangay Miranda, Babak District (the 3rd municipality of Samal). The best way to locate the branch is through riding Samal’s main PUV, the tricycle. It is visible to every passing vehicle since it is alongside the main road.

Cutting the ribbon is a promise to provide every people of Samal with a fast, reliable and excellent service.

A promise that was proven for almost 32 years and would last for the upcoming years.